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American Sign Language Workshop

“Functional Signs for Human Services, Retail and Restaurant Staff”

This is a basic class with industry-specific signs that are customized for your organization. Some basic expressive and receptive skills are taught as a means for identifying and imparting grammar when communicating in ASL. Some of the practical signs that your team will learn are:

      • Help
      • Please
      • Thank You
      • Work
      • Bathroom
      • Lunch
      • Break Time
      • Done for the Day
      • Ship(ping)
      • Close
      • Open
      • And More
3 Hours
Certificate of Training
Handouts with embedded videos

This class is taught in ASL; sign language interpreters will not be provided. This course may be offered: 1 hour per week, bi-weekly, or as a 3-hour training session.  Workshop is per person rate.  Less Than 5 People - Cost $490

*There will be an additional fee for interpreted classes.

Workshop: Functional Signs for Human Services, Retail and Restaurant Staff